Step 1 – Obtaining a Provisional LGV / HGV Licence

In order to commence LGV / HGV Training you will need a LGV / HGV Provisional Licence. For this you must:


  • Hold a Valid Car Licence cat B manual or automatic
  • Be certified medically fit
  • Minimum age 18
  • And have applied for the provisional licence to cover the group you wish to drive


Changes to driving licence rules in Great Britian click here


New driving licence rules from 19.01.2013 click below




What do I need to do first?

You will need 2 forms – A Licence application form – D2 which you need to complete.


A medical form D4 which a doctor will have to complete


These forms are available from your Local Vehicle Licensing Office listed in the phone book under Driving and vehicle or from D.V.L.A Tel 03007906801 or you can also download them from the DVLA Website (tick D2 starter pack) click here. DVLA ARE NOT SENDING FORMS OUT YET


Apply for a lorry or bus provisional driving licence

You can have a medical with any doctor of your choice. Before you book an appointment ask about the cost as you will need to pay. We recommend that you ring round for the best price or you can google “hgv medical”


Or you can ring

Fit to drive medicals 01254 825241 say you are from ribble valley hgv and the cost is £55 


Ready To Drive Medicals  £50.00 Telephone are email 0161-975-4947  0753926-5659 £50.00  Just-Health 156 Colne Road Burnley £50.00  for Bookings call: 01282 936900

Zosh Occupational Health unit 5 Abert Edward House Preston 01254 877847 £40.00



The normal cost can be up to £140.

Send your completed forms together with your current driving licence to DIP29, DVLA, Swansea SA 99 1BR. Once you have received your provisional licence from Swansea you can then book your theory test and hazard perception test.


Which provisional should i apply for : we suggest cat C this will cover you for all rigid vehicles.


After you pass the cat c test DVLA will send you the provisional ce licence.


Download the D4 medical form

A medical must be completed before you may apply for LGV provisional entitlement.After the age of 45 all drivers must pass a medical every 5 years and every year from the age of 65. The medical is to confirm you are physically competent to drive a Large Goods Vehicle.


Should you require a loan see the loans section and also this local firm

Should you have any questions then please do not hesitate to call. 07711 306605 |