360 Excavator

360 Excavator
360 Excavator

360 Excavator Above and Below 10T (A59)


Ribble Valley offers leading 360 excavator training courses at locations across the UK.


During our excavator training, candidates will gain an understanding of how to operate a 360 excavator, as well as going through all current legislation and health and safety regulations relating to excavation work.


This course is delivered through a mix of practical and theory work, with candidates developing a wide knowledge across the course material. Through a mix of engaging practical training and up to date theoretical lessons, we aim to make all our courses as useful as possible for excavator operators.

Who Should Attend?

This intermediate level excavator course is for those with some experience with a 360 above and below 10 tonne excavator and is designed to fully prepare these candidates for excavator operation within the construction industry.

This course also prepares candidates to pass all relevant theory and practical tests. This is useful for experienced operators who have not yet met training requirements and would therefore benefit from some training in how to pass theory and practical assessments.


Course Aims

Our training aims to provide thorough theory and practical training in operating a 360-degree Excavator (above & below 10 tonnes), enabling the candidate to pass.

With every single one of our construction training courses, we aim to promote that reflects real working environments and offer candidates the most rewarding construction training possible.


Training Agenda

Delegates will cover the following areas

  • Controls
  • Buckets and Attachments
  • Quick Hitch
  • Working under powerlines
  • Basic Trenching
  • Prohibitions during work
  • Working Ranges
  • Caution During Travelling
  • Road Traffic Act
  • Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974
  • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER)
  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations
  • Lifting with Excavators


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