Step 5 – Booking a Driving Course



Special Offer
Due to covid-19 we are not offering any driver training at this point in time we do not think its safe to ask our staff to put their lives and family lives at risk with training in a confined space like a truck cab. Other firm don’t share the same values towards their staff  like we do they will offer training in a confined space. You need to ask your self do i want to put my life and families life at stake by sharing a truck.





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Yes we train the drivers who travel the world for formula one

Old Style Licence 7.5 Ton Vehicles

Training Using Your Own Vehicle


Option One Using Your Vehicle


We can supply our qualified trainer to attend your site the hourly fee is £45 per Hour. Minimum training time is 4 hours subject to location. We suggest a training period from 16 hours + the driving test period for those with experience of driving these vehicles ( not for a novice )


Option Two Using Your Vehicle


20 Hours training + test for those with a little are no experience
Subject to your location an addition fee might be payable for travel to your site
C1 is not class one its the old style 7.5 ton driving licence
A good example its the size of an ambulance
We recommend an assessement lesson prior to booking any training

Pay As You Go

Should you have any questions then please do not hesitate to call. 07711 306605 |