Booking Requirements T’s & C’s

We accept your booking in good faith please read our terms and conditions prior to paying for the training. Should you not agree with our terms please do not pay.All our training is booked in line with our terms and conditions.Your test is booked in line with the Dvsa term

Booking Terms And Conditions for all driver training

Our staff are highly qualified and trained in their fields.

They have many years of both hands on and training experience.

To see our qualifications see the tab on the home page and welcome page

In order for you to successfully pass your test you will need to input a lot of theory before starting your actual tuition. You will need to read the highway code and the DSA manual goods vehicle driving manual, this is not the theory manual. Those who read them tend to pass first time those who don’t tend to fail.

Also go to our web site and look in the section at the top of the screen on a lap top TRAINING / DRIVER TRAINING also on a mobile / lap top click how to get started then click step number 6 and you will see details of what the driving examiner is looking for along with loads of other study material.


Required conduct expected from you during the training.

It’s a sad fact of life that others wish to abuse others and are staff.

We will not tolerate any verbal/ physical against any person

We will take all necessary legal action against any person that does not respect others and our staff.

We will cancel your training and you will not be given any refunds

Training taken from BB3 2TT

Should you fail to turn up for any training no refund will be given for the lost time.

What we mean by guaranteed pass offer.

We will offer you free training from our site at BB3 2TT to the test station at kirkham for up to 3 rests should these be required the training is on the day of the test. We will offer you the truck for free for up to 3 Dsa retest should they be required. You meet the truck at Darwen and we end the free period at Darwen   this offer saves you £320.00 per retest.

To cancel your training a full refund will only be given if the training is cancelled in 14 days of booking the courses.


Should English not be your mother language we suggest you come and meet us to see if we will be able to communicate. You may require additional lessons to allow for any communication problems


A training day is normally up to 4 hours we add 30 minutes for free as you will only be invoiced for 3.5 hours on a 1-2-1 ratio on the training course.

Your driving test is booked in accordance with the DSA regulations, should you wish to see the DSA test regulations you should contact them direct on 0300 200 11 22 are see there web site, the DVSA will not test in bad weather see there web site for full details.


On a training period/day we will undertake various training.

We will undertake pre driving vehicle checks / dvsa pre test questions the examiner will ask you / tacho graph information /vehicle loading / safe loading of the vehicle / safe use of loading equipment / and how to check your vehicle in line with dvsa requirements/ take a comfort brake / visit the test station to see others undertaking the test reverse exercise / those who smoke may do so when outside the training vehicle this includes the electronic machines..

Should you be involved in any form of road traffic accident example hitting trees street furniture other vehicles etc and should any damage be caused to the training vehicle which stops you from using the vehicle the lost training / test time will not be made up and no refund will be issued for the lost time. We reserve the right to send you the invoice for any damage caused to the training vehicle and any other objects / things up to the amount of the excess on the motor vehicle insurance policy.

We reserve the right to invoice you for any lost training time to other pupils and for any driving test fees we loose due to your accident.

We will invoice you for any broken mirrors should you not listen to your instructor and brake any or we will take the costs from the training fees you have paid us.

Should the driving examiners cancel your test for any reason other than mechanical failure of our vehicle (the training vehicles are serviced every 10 weeks you will be liable for the full fees to re-hire are vehicle.

Should you while on your driving test, get a flat tyre you will be liable for the cost of a new driving test we will supply the vehicle for free as a good will gesture.

At the start of your test we will make sure all the legal bulbs on the vehicle are working whilst you are on test should any of the bulbs go out and should the examiner stop your test you will be liable for the new test fee as a good will gesture we will give you the vehicle free for the next test.

On each day of the training and on the test day you need to bring your driving licence.

Should you book a course and not have the correct driving licence / theory / hazard perception certificate the training will not start and you may loose your fees.

The free truck hire for the retest is for up to 3 retests. Should additional test be required these will be chargeable.

The free training is from our site in Darwen to the Dvsa test station at Kirkham.

Should the training vehicle brake down after your course as started you will be offered 3 options.

1 A refund for the time you have not taken.

2 To make any lost time up either later in that day are another day

3 To train through the weekend should staff be available.

Should you turn up smelling of drink are not be in a fit state to drive, We will cancel the lesson for public safety reasons no fee will be refunded and no other time will be offered.

Bad weather snow ice high winds. Should we need to cancel due to the weather we will rearrange your times the best we can, should you not be able to attend for the new dates we will rebook your dates which you have not taken at a later date. Any training taken prior to the weather turning bad will not be re booked, Should due to bad weather the washer not work even though we do add plenty of washer winter protection to the water header tank and should the examiner cancel the test you will be liable to pay for the new test date we as a good will gesture will give you the vehicle free for the new test.

We make sure we set for the test in plenty of time but should due to traffic conditions/accidents we not get to the test station in time for the test you will be liable for the new test fee and the vehicle hire charge for both tests. Should you wish to set off for the test sooner there will be an additional charge on top of the course fee.


We reserve the right not to offer any free training/course/vehicle hire subject to your manner.

Should we have to cancel your training because of your manner your attitude we will charge you for the time you have taken at the cost of £320 per period


The Dsa might not refund your test fee if we / you haven’t given them the correct cancelation time because of your manner attitude.

Should you be unable to attend your course due to sickness, we will require a Doctors sick note/letters.

If your course as not started you will be charged for the first 2 days lessons, the rest of the course will be held in credit until you are well enough to start you will need to pay to top the course back to the original times, if you have started your course we will charge you for the time you do not take, if you do not take the dsa test the dsa will charge you for the next test.





To cancel please email and also ring 07711306605

Details correct as of 24.09.2020


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