Passenger Carrying Vehicles

Due to covid-19 we are not offering any driver training at this point in time we do not think its safe to ask our staff to put their lives and family lives at risk with training in a confined space. Other firm don’t share the same values towards their staff like we do they will offer training in a confined space. You need to ask your self do i want to put my life and families life at stake by sharing a vehicle.

Bus / Coach / Minibus Courses


Class ‘D1’ minibus (over 8 less than 17 seats), ‘D1+E’ minibus towing a trailer and ‘D’ Bus/Coach (over 16 seats)




Here at Ribble Valley Training Centre we believe in training people to drive and not just pass the practical test.

WE only offer training for PSV  /  PCV  usiing your vehicles.

We will send our trainers to your site to train you and your staff using your vehicle.

Passenger Carrying Vehicles

Should you have any questions then please do not hesitate to call. 07711 306605 |